Wind Energy for a Cleaner Energy Future

renewable energy credits

Have you ever wanted to use clean energy and yet be really efficient in the energy choices you make? Arcadia Power can help you, as it buys Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind farms that match your exact monthly usage.

renewable energy credits

Oops. You don’t really know what RECs are or what they do? Well, here’s a primer. The only way to use clean energy without producing it yourself is by buying renewable energy certificates (RECs) equal to your energy consumption. RECs allow the tracking of renewable electricity from the source, like a wind turbine or solar farm, to the end user — which could be you. A REC is a claim on the social, environmental, and other non-power related attributes of electricity produced by renewable sources, and a direct investment in them.

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So this means that with Arcadia Power, the energy you consume is matched with RECs. Arcadia Power will buy current-year Green-e Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from American wind farms on your behalf.

You’ll be using clean, wind energy. Think of it: no longer would you be using 275,000 gallons of water and generating over 14,500 pounds of CO2 every year to produce your home’s electricity. That’s because, with clean energy, those numbers go to zero.

Another perk is that your local utility company will still distribute energy to your home or business through their system of poles and wires, which might be a real help in case the power goes out.

Arcadia Power is available in all the U.S. states, and there are three plans. The first is Free for 50% Wind Energy, as Arcadia Power says they don’t want cost to be a barrier for first-time customers to join.

The other two plans, called Premium or Evergreen, cost about $0.015 per kWh in most states and have a $5.00 monthly minimum.

Without government subsidies but with partners like the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, Arcadia Power is part of a community that supports clean energy. These mission-driven organizations unite to make clean energy available to homeowners, renters, or business people.

Arcadia Power’s mission is to build a national full service clean energy company, providing customers with clean energy choices. If you’d like to learn more, call (866) 526-0083 or email the Customer Service department.


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