The World Water Crisis Comes to Detroit: Sustainability Blues at #furtherwithford

So, ever go to one of your favorite blogs to discover a writer has just gotten back from a conference… and written an overly-long, nearly word-for-word overview of a session or talk s/he thought was really fabulous? Do people really do such things? I’ve heard they might

Yeah, yeah… we’ve all been guilty of that one. So, now that I’m back from the 2014 Ford Trends conference (aka Further with Ford), I really want to share the session on water sustainability, scarcity, and conservation… but not in the least interesting way possible. Rather, I pulled together a whole range of social media comments through Storify, and put together the overview below (which should be much less snooze-inducing). Lots of fascinating insights into the world water crisis, and successful action from both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.

Of course, this method leaves out a lot of details, too, so if you’ve got questions about what was said, or the people presenting, leave them in the comments.

Image credit: Ford

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