Yahoo! Joins Corporate Buyers of Renewable Energy

From GreenBiz.com, news that Yahoo! is joining Whole Foods, Fed-Ex Kinko’s and other large (and small) companies in purchasing renewable power. While Yahoo! did not cite what percentage of their energy use they will be offsetting, this is still another step forward in the greening of corporate America.

Global internet service leader Yahoo! has joined the Santa Clara Green Power renewable energy program. Yahoo! now purchases 804,000 kWh of clean renewable energy credits, derived from new wind and solar generation sources in California, equivalent to one quarter the annual output of one large-scale wind turbine. …

This commitment prevents the annual release of more than 800,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas. The environmental benefit of a purchase this size is equivalent to planting 108 acres of forest or removing 70 cars from the road for a year.

Congrats to Yahoo! And congrats to Silicon Valley Power for providing this opportunity to its customers.

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