What Could You Do with a Yard Full of Ski & Snowboard Scrap?

scrap from ski and snowboard production

scrap from ski and snowboard production

Though we’ve still got some time, Winter is on the way: we’re already getting a healthy taste of Fall here in the Midwest. For many, that just means cold and dark; for others, though, it means skiing and snowboarding season is on the way. If you’re in the latter group, you may already be thinking about your winter sports equipment, and whether it’s time for something new. The folks at RAMP Sports in Utah are preparing for ski and snowboard season, too – that’s their job – but, first, they have to get rid of the scrap from Spring and Summer production. That’s about a ton of “4-foot strips of byproduct made of fiberglass, bamboo, Kevlar, carbon, and pine-based epoxy,” and its got to be gone by November 1st so the company can ramp up their Winter work.

Now, for many companies, there wouldn’t be a conundrum here: call the waste hauling service. RAMP runs on green business principles, though, so sending all of this manufacturing scrap to a landfill just doesn’t work for them. Instead, they prefer toΒ upcycle that waste in interesting and creative ways. In their first year of production, for instance, they commissioned the Yeti sculpture below. This year, they’re offering a challenge to anyone willing to take it: come up with a way to upcycle all of these scraps and have them cleaned out byΒ the end of October.

Sounds intriguing… and difficult: that’s a lot of material! To get those creative juices flowing, though, RAMP is offering some pretty sweet prizes to the winning upcycler: 4 RAMP skis, snowboards, and/or longboards (a $4000 value). Some ideas they’ve tossed out include:

  • Ranch fence
  • Highway snow barrier
  • Dog park fence
  • Landscaping backfill
  • Erosion prevention backfill
  • Strengthening manufactured lumber

Of course, you’re not limited to these options: they just want the material gone… and put to a good use. Arrange that (and prove it, of course), and you could be taking a new pair of skis or board to the slopes this Winter.

There is no deadline other than the deadline to get rid of the material, so the sooner you get your idea submitted, the better. If you’re just interested in how RAMP keeps their manufacturing and other operations green, check out the video below featuring RAMP President Mike Kilchenstein.

Green Initiative from RAMP Sports on Vimeo.

Top image courtesy of RAMP Sports

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