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  1. Bobby B.

    Jeff, as you know, I am in favor of irradiation. Sure you may be eating trace amounts of poo, but it eliminates the problem of the bacteria in the poo from multiplying to unsafe levels. Its a “take the good with the bad proposition” but it works quite well. I am also in favor of farmers being turned into hunters, as long as the spoils of the hunt find a suitable use. There are plenty of fresh game for the hungry types of charities to which hunters can donate game. Just ask Ted Nugent!

    Now, I am not sure about Shell’s site being called the biggest environmental disaster on the planet. That sounds like quite a strong claim. However, I have never heard you greens complaining about the untold millions of dollars that Al Gore has reaped over the years from a environmentally unsound strip mining operation on some of his property. I also don’t hear you guys complaining about any of the sustainability issues surrounding the mining of the precious metals that are necessary to make those high-tech batteries in your favorite hybrid vehicle. It is a bit presumptuous to denegrate only one industry (big oil), when many of the corporations and individuals that you support fail to do much better.

    I also used to cry in the woods, although not to the trees. Back in the day when I hunted, I’d cry every time I sat in the cold without a thing to shoot, “Oh Athena, goddess of the hunt, please bring some dumb animal within range. Wwaaaahhh” Just kidding.

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