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DOUBLEXPOSURE Photographers Exhibit Impacts of Climate Change

Photographers have long held a useful key to effecting change. Think of Ansel Adams and his influence on early 20th Century government leaders in the United States; he helped demonstrate the value of nature and the need for national parks. Think of the Farm Security Administration photography effort of the 1930s, led by Roy Stryker […]

May 27th

Six Urban Farms, From U.S. Coast to Coast

With spring bringing out the gardener in many of us — veteran, rookie and in between — my household has been expanding our growing. Last year, we had a couple of small vegetable plots that maybe totalled 15-20 square feet. Plus, we created a wildflower and native grass section that stretches to a slim 40 […]

May 20th

EPA Announces $600 MM in Stimulus to Clean-up 50 of Most Polluted Sites

Fifty hazardous waste sites in 28 states are to get $582 million in stimulus money, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced this week. The cash injection is a boon for clean-up efforts, according to the New York Times. For around half of those sites, the money is helping continue clean-up efforts that have languished or ceased since last […]

April 15th

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Desmond Tutu Supports Earth Hour

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is getting behind the symbolic call for global action against climate change that is Earth Hour. From 8:30-9:30 p.m. (local time) on Saturday, March 28, major swaths of urbanized Earth will go dark in the name of unity. All anyone has to do is sit, relax, socialize. Maybe in the dark, maybe […]

March 3rd

What Vegetables Can Urban Gardeners Grow on a Fire Escape?

Urban food growing is not a new concept, but in recent years it has, perhaps, enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. As people look for lifestyles that return to basics — local, reasonably self-reliant, organic — many are picking up a seed packet and a trowel. But what defines “urban” when it comes to farming, homesteading, […]

March 1st

California Product Stewardship Act Aims for Friendlier Product Designs, Packaging

A bill introduced by assemblyman Wesley Chesbro (D-Arcata) aims to reduce waste, litter, and greenhouse gases and create thousands of green jobs. The California Product Stewardship Act, AB 283, also would tackle the front end of product life cycles by incentivizing producers to design products and packaging that are less toxic, more durable, reusable, recyclable […]

February 28th

An Old-New Trickle-Down Theory? Basic Corporate Social Responsibility Has Potential to Save Us, Eliminate Plastic Bag Dependency

Yesterday I posted here about plastic bag fees and bans being frozen in — or before reaching — legislatures. Supposedly that’s due to economics, though reality seems to be more connected to politics. That, coupled with a post here by Low Impact Living about the green benefits of the stimulus plan signed by President Obama […]

February 25th

Plastic Bag Fees Stalling for Economics or Politics?

The New York Times reports that various plastic bag-reduction initiatives around the country are stalling – or flatlining – due to economics. The plans in the works in places like Seattle, San Francisco and New York have included charges of 5 to 20 cents per plastic bag – and in some cases, paper bags – […]

February 24th