Author: adamwilliams

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MTV Launches PSAs for Environmental Causes — Unrelated to Recent Trashing of Panama Rain Forest and Beach

Seemingly unrelated to — and uncognizant of — recent news and outcry about the destruction of rain forest and beach in the Republic of Panama, as sustainablogger Alex Felsinger wrote about earlier this week, MTV Networks International is issuing 10 public service announcements to rally youth for the environment. In a Sept. 15 article published […]

September 16th

Civilized Communication About Global Warming, Energy, Environment And Stuff; Naysayers, I’m Open for Persuasion

Why do we have give-and-takes like this? A: “Global warming exists. Let’s do something about it.” B: “Screw you! Global warming is a commie, liberal farce!” A: “We should harvest the wind and sun for energy.” B: “Screw you! My car is set up for petroleum; my house likes coal-fired electricity…commie, liberal farce!” “We should care […]

September 12th