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New NGO Green Ramadan Links Month-Long Fast to Environmental Protection

As Muslims the world over celebrate Ramadan, a new organization called Green Ramadan is looking to turn one of the 5 pillars of Islam into a monthlong activity that helps the environment as well as fulfilling a religious obligation. Targetting Muslims and non-Muslims alike, Green Ramadan’s mission is To bring people from all over the […]

August 30th

Sustainability Reports: Who Actually Reads Them?

Global sustainable development consulting company SustainAbility and KPMG released a report earlier this year detailing the results from a survey conducted of Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Readers’ Choice members. Conducted from October 2007 through the end of January 2008, the Readers’ Choice Survey looks for the first time at the readers, their preferences and behaviour. […]

October 27th

Faith and the Environment: Christian Orthodox Leaders Urge Environmental Protection

On Friday October 10, His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (Greek Orthodox Patriarch) addressed a Synaxis of the heads of the various orthodox churches in Istanbul Turkey. Part of his address focused on urging orthodox churches to focus on efforts to promote inter-religious dialogue, as well as to protect the environment. Patriarchs and other senior clergymen […]

October 16th

Google Wants to Give you $10 million

If you think you have an idea that could change the world, or the reality for many people, Google wants to hear about it. And, if they like it, they might pay you up to $10 million. Project “10 to the 100th”, in honour of Google’s 10th anniversary of helping you surf the web (and […]

September 25th

Complex Systems Theory and Climate Change: Huh?

Climate change is the popular environmental problem of today’s generation. In the 70s it was concern over pesticides (thanks to Rachel Carson), in the 80s sustainable development entered our lexicon, and today it is climate change. The biggest problem is that for the first time, the generational environmental problem is one that is global in […]

September 21st

Building a Mobile Kitchen

Some people build houses. Others, go abroad and help build or rebuild communities. Still others build… mobile kitchens! Earlier this year, students from the University of Toronto‘s master’s program at the faculty of architecture designed and built a mobile kitchen. So what you say? What’s so big about a kitchen table on wheels? Well, some […]

September 13th

Electronic Bills, Convenience and Sustainability

How many bills do you get per month? If you’re like the vast majority of North Americans, you get a boatload. And every month, you probably take one look at them, pay the bill, and then shred it and toss it into your recycling bin. While I still get excited when I get mail that is addressed […]

August 21st

Top Ten Ways to Make Your Wedding Sustainable

So, the knee has been bent, the question has been asked, the positive answer given. Now comes the (un)fun part: organizing the wedding. Along with choosing the band, the cake, the colour of your linens, some couples are beginning to ask how they can make their special day more sustainable? After the break, sustainablog will […]

August 19th