Author: Tom Chu

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5 DIY Projects for Indoor Gardening

When you live in a somewhat unpredictable climate, it can be truly frustrating to try and deal with a gardening routine. Many plants might even die if you accidentally plant too soon. That is why it can really pay off to do an indoor garden or, at least, prepare for it indoors until you are really sure a garden is workable outside.

May 8th

5 Upcycled Bird Feeders

Want to get the kids involved in environmentally-themed projects? These DIY upcycled bird feeder ideas are simple and educational.

April 2nd

5 Ideas for Recycled, DIY Christmas Wreaths

If you are looking for some fun DIY projects, why not try to create your own wreaths? There are a ton of great ideas floating around the Internet from people who have recycled items by turning them into interesting-looking decorations for their homes. These are five of the best recycled wreaths I could find.

November 17th

10 Twitter Hashtags That Make It Easy to Follow the Latest Green News

In the world of environmentalism, hashtags are really being put to work. Through a taste for activism and promoting change, they are utilized in such a way as to maximize visibility, and so there is potential for sharing across the globe. Many hashtags are so regularly used that they have tied together whole communities of those looking to promote and live a greener lifestyle.

November 2nd

8+ Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks Creatively

There is a bit of a toll on the environment when it comes to wine. The bottles are dark glass and so are easily recycled. But the corks are another story. What are you supposed to do with those strange little tops? How about upcycling them? There are plenty of ideas online. Here are seven […]

September 26th