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Freedom Gardens and the 100 Foot Diet Challenge

More and more people are taking the plunge into backyard gardening. Some are even planting fruits and veggies in their front yard and adopting the “no-mow” approach. Last year one website, Freedom Gardens, used its social networking platform to coordinate the “100 Foot Diet Challenge.” Hundreds of gardeners throughout the country accepted the invitation by […]

January 15th

Abandoned Wal-Marts a New Rehab Craze

There’s been a lot of noise in recent years about the widespread construction of Wal-Marts and other big box stores. A new development is the rise in vacated megastores. Recently, resourceful communities and individuals are re-imagining better uses for these behemoth structures. A body of data and stories has been collected by Julia Christensen, author […]

January 7th

Book Review: Small Is Possible

In the international marketplace of ideas, Lyle Estill is not a widely known expert on human-scale, local economies. He may never attain that status, if only be because he’s too busy making economic theory a sustainable reality in his little corner of North Carolina. In Small Is Possible: Life in a Local Economy, Estill chronicles […]

January 4th

What Is Your Government Doing About Peak Oil?

The debate over the global energy crisis continues to inch its away into the public arena. While federal governments still have not taken specific actions regarding peak oil, a number of sub-federal agencies have acted. As experts wrestle over the question of when global oil demand will outpace supply, a number of municipalities, regional agencies, […]

December 24th

Locavores: Get to Know Your Local Farms

The local food movement is gathering steam. To keep locavores informed about best farming practices, one organization spreads the word about what sustainable farmers are achieving under the radar. Formed as a coalition of schools, Mid-Atlantic-based nonprofit organizations, and the USDA, the Small Farm Success Project is “dedicated to helping small and emerging farmers improve […]

December 22nd

Four Ways to Go Local and Live Green

A growing segment of eco-conscious citizens are recognizing how both living green and supporting the local economy are integral to a more sustainable world. Here are five strategies adapted from a complete action item list at, a web site inspired by The Small Mart Revolution: How Local Businesses Are Beating the Global Competition by […]

December 19th

Sustainable Business Movement Born in Philadelphia

As some people in sustainability circles know, Philadelphia is not just the birthplace of America, but also a vanguard city of what is often referred the Living Economy movement, or the local ECOnomy. Under the direction of Philly’s White Dog Cafe, its proprietor Judy Wicks, and other local pioneers, a sustainable business network has served […]

December 16th