Author: Brian Scoles

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Voluntary Simplicity: My 30-Day Challenge

In September 2009, I took on a little experiment: I wanted to go a whole month without spending any money.  I would pay my bills as usual, but that’s it.  For food, I was fortunate to live in a community where I exchanged a few hours of labor each week for my meals, so that […]

September 5th

Is Krill Oil Your New Best Source for Omega-3s?

What’s that smell?  Another slightly fishy health fad, of course!  Krill oil capsules are becoming a popular alternative to fish oil, but questions remain: are they really better?  And is it sustainable?  Well, I’ll share what I’ve found and leave the rest up to you. In terms of health benefits, krill oil is claimed to […]

August 29th