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Solar Water Heaters Booming in South Africa

After experiencing a power crisis a few years ago and contending with the cost of domestic water heating, South Africa is leaning heavily towards an eco-friendly alternative. Over the past 14 years, the solar water heater market has grown a whopping 2000%, with more growth expected in the coming years. In South Africa, domestic water […]

March 11th

Student to Travel the World Studying Commercial Solar Power

A student with a passion for seeing solar energy developed globally, Arizona State University’s Steven Limpert now has the funds to continue his studies in a big way. The third-year ASU student is the latest recipient of the Circumnavigators Club Foundation grant—one that he will use to study the development and commercialization of solar energy […]

February 9th

Home Wind Turbine a First for San Diego

Driven by his desire to go green, Tim Williams recently became the first San Diego resident to install a wind turbine at his home. The 3.4-kW Falcon turbine, a product of WePOWER, has since gone live, and will hopefully convince other homeowners to follow suit. This particular model is conducive to residential homes because it […]

January 19th

Energy Start-Up Wants to Harvest Your Body Heat

So we’ve all heard lots about the benefits of solar energy, but there’s another energy source you may have never considered harvesting: body heat. Yes, that’s right—your body could be expending usable energy right now as we speak. The “hybrid energy harvesting device” created by Fujitsu Laboratories would work with solar energy to complete a […]

December 16th

Solar Farm Planned to Reinvigorate Tiny Gila Bend, Arizona

Gila Bend, Arizona, once a quaint town of about 10,000 people, lost its appeal after an Air Force auxiliary field caused the land and nearby reservoir to fall victim to toxic pesticides. Fortunately, the meager population that remains will soon see an influx of jobs and revenue—all thanks to plenty of sunshine and a new […]

November 4th

Ten Solar Gadgets for the Eco-Adventurer

Editor’s note: To move from page to page in this post, just click on the “Pages” links at the very bottom of each post. To leave “civilization” behind for more than a night, we used to require a car, batteries or access to power in order to use new gadgetry. Those days are past. Solar […]

October 14th

Denver Man Invents World’s First Solar-Powered Light Bulb

What do ski risers, ceiling bike storage, goggle fans and solar-powered light bulbs have in common? Stephen Katsaros. He’s an entrepreneur and inventor from Denver, Colorado with a knack for getting things done, as evidenced by the quick conception in January (and birth in July) of the Nokero Solar Light Bulb, with which Katsaros plans […]

September 1st

Seven Sexy Solar Homes: a Slideshow

Image credit: Jeremy Levine Design at Flickr under a Creative Commons license Editor’s note: Hey, everyone’s doing the slideshow thing, right? To move through the pages, simply click on the page numbers at the bottom of each slide… Who knew that solar homes and Sophia Loren had so much in common? Solar homes have looks […]

August 4th