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Travel Green: Bicycling in the City

There is one thing Pittsburghers can agree upon, besides the greatness of the Penguins or Steelers. That is: “there’s way more bikes on the road this year, aren’t there?” Indeed there are. Whether it’s for economic reasons, or the result of a growing green consciousness, I am one of hundreds of Pittsburgh bicyclists taking to […]

June 9th

Sustainable Drinking Water Sources

Since I began trying to live sustainably, making sure I have sufficient water has been a significant challenge. I still mostly rely on municipal water (faucet water) from neighbors’ houses for my water needs, but that is soon to change. Rain Water Rainwater is an obvious solution for dish and clothes washing water, and bathing […]

May 29th

The “Sustainable Fitness Plan!”

Lose ten pounds in just three weeks! What does it take to get results like that? Trying to live in harmony with the Earth! Today marks the 24th day I have attempted to live environmentally sustainably. I sleep in a used tent, bike anywhere I want to go, volunteer biweekly at Landslide Community Farm, and […]

May 24th

Plentiful Society, Bountiful Waste – Part 1

Part 1 of 2 Someone needs to come up with a name for “perfectly-good-quality, yet discarded food.” When I say “food from a dumpster,” the immediate reaction tends to be a wrinkled nose. Folks picture rancid meat, moldy bread, and melting veggies in a smelly, unfriendly metal dumpster. While this can be the case, it […]

May 15th