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Chinese Bamboo Keyboard Manufacturer a Local Green Design Leader

Jiangqiao Bamboo and Wood hails from China’s Jiangxi province, where bamboo resources are plentiful. Though the company began as a flooring company, they are now diversifying their production to include the latest in green design: bamboo keyboards. In recent years, bamboo – a rapidly regenerating material – has gained popularity as a sturdy, sustainable alternative […]

May 7th

Climate Change and Deforestation Engaging in Vicious Cycle of Destruction

[social_buttons]Most of you know by now that deforestation, and the emissions that cleared forestlands add to the atmosphere, exacerbates climate change. But it may come as a surprise to learn that the opposite is true. New scientific findings suggest that climate change is threatening remaining forests more dramatically than previously suspected. Until recently, climate scientists […]

April 16th

Breathing Easier: Beijing Extends Car Restrictions for Another Year

Beijing authorities have announced that driving restrictions will be extended another year, as part of the city’s overall strategy to reduce airborne pollution and traffic congestion, according to reports from China’s state-run media. The plan hopes to take 930,000, or roughly 20%, of Beijing’s over 3.6 million vehicles off the road each weekday. Starting Monday, […]

April 6th

Newly Released House Energy and Climate Legislation Contains More Aggressive Measures than Obama Plan

[social_buttons]Senior US Representatives Henry Waxman (D-Calif) and Ed Markey (D-Mass) today released draft cap-and-trade legislation that would reshape US energy and climate policy through drastic cuts in emissions in the next 20 years and significant increases in renewables by 2025. The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACES), intended to “create jobs, help […]

March 31st

China’s Emissions Trading Plan Puts Weight on Countries’ Cumulative GHG

China appears to be backing out of global efforts to address climate change, intensifying pre-Copenhagen debate. A top China central government think tank yesterday released a framework for quantifying countries’ historical emissions. Under this proposed framework, the State Council Development Research Center (DRC) would create a “historic account” of past emissions, used to benchmark developing […]

March 25th

White House to Plant Organic Vegetable Garden

ABC news’ Brian Hartman has reported what many have been wishfully waiting to hear for months: the Obamas will soon plant an organic vegetable garden on the White House South grounds. Following a 60 Minutes interview with Chez Panisse chef, renowned slow foodist and activist for improved national eating habits in the US, Alice Waters, […]

March 18th

China’s Oil Stockpiling Suggests Fossil Fuel Dependency Unlikely to Decline

In a rare admission of China’s strategic petroleum reserve capacity, a senior industry executive acknowledged that all four state-owned emergency oil reserve tanks – holding a total 100 million barrels – are filled to the brim. Revealing that China’s current stockpiles have already exceeded the capacity of the first phase of facilities, which the government […]

March 11th

Stepping Up Efforts to Control E-Waste: China Passes Electronic Disposal Law

The theme of China’s annual National People’s Congress taking place this week – the proceedings of which remain highly secretive beforehand – has been largely an economic one. Although the environment is hardly the priority issue du jour, China has not entirely changed its course with regard to the environment, despite the economic turmoil, as […]

March 6th

Chinese Officials Sacked for Water Contamination

Following last week’s post on contamination of the water supply for the city of Yancheng, China, state-run media Xinhua News has released an update on the news item. According to a government circular cited in the Xinhua article, seven officials responsible for water supervision have been punished and two have been removed from office for […]

March 5th