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President Obama: Lead America to Clean Energy Now

As far back as Richard Nixon, every American president has called for energy reform and action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And for 40 years, not a single one followed through to create real change. President Obama has expressed his public commitment to passing strong climate and energy reform in 2010. But, with the legislative […]

July 20th

EDF Launches New Campaign: Tell Congress “I Am Not a Guinea Pig”

We’re all guinea pigs whether we know it or not. Everyday, American families use an array of products that contain synthetic chemicals, some of them toxic: children’s toys, carpeting, cookware, cosmetics and countless other household items. Even the water you drink or your favorite fish may contain toxic chemicals. But our nation’s decades-old toxic chemical […]

June 24th

Way2Go’s To Do List: 10 Transportation Wishes for 2010

Way2Go is an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) blog where EDF transportation experts promote innovative and environmentally beneficial transportation policies and actions. This was originally posted at by Carrie Denning. The start of a new year is a time to look forward, get a gym membership, and make resolutions. Here at Way2Go, we decided to […]

January 21st

EDF: Dominique Browning, Award-Winning Editor and Author, Launches New Column

Dominique Browning, the former editor-in-chief of House and Garden, is partnering with Environmental Defense Fund to launch a new column called “Personal Nature: Dominique Browning’s distinctive take on all things environmental“. The column will highlight the human impacts of environmental threats like climate change and ocean pollution. Her first piece explores the language we use […]

October 7th

Environmental Defense Fund: Good Advice for Seafood Lovers

Today’s guest blogger is EDF scientist Tim Fitzgerald. [social_buttons] Ever stare at the seafood counter and wonder where all that fish comes from? Maybe not, but I do, and a new article in Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul magazine wades through some other issues that might be on your mind – overfishing, fish farming, omega-3s and mercury. […]

July 16th

Environmental Defense Fund: The New Sardine – Thinking Outside the Can

Today’s post is by Kristen Honey, EDF Lorry Lokey Fellow. Are sardines making a sustainable and sumptuous comeback? The Washington Post attempted to address this very question yesterday in a provocative article about the self-proclaimed “Sardinistas.” According to this group of nutritionists, environmentalists and foodie revolutionaries, the answer is a resounding “yes!”  Sardine advocates and cutting-edge […]

June 12th

Environmental Defense Fund: Reinventing Transit – 11 Innovative Solutions in Communities Across America

This week’s post is by Edward Burgess, coauthor of Environmental Defense Fund’s new report Reinventing Transit. Last week, Congressman James Oberstar, chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, was slated to speak at the launch of EDF’s new report Reinventing Transit — but he got stuck in traffic! The irony was not lost on […]

April 29th

Environmental Defense Fund: Show Us Your Carbon Cap

Today’s post is by Sam Parry, EDF’s Director of Online Membership and Activism. Hats say a lot. They can show what we do for a living, what teams we root for, even what part of the country we live in. Today, your hat can make another statement: Express your support of a cap on carbon pollution […]

April 8th