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On Rest and Travel with Sara Snow

The holiday season is hectic and stressful for many, but the aspect that often gets consumed by other activities is the fact that we get a few days off of work. In light of vacation and travel I decided to interview a close source of wisdom- my sister, TV show host, and Natural Living Expert, […]

December 28th

Sprawling Out Into the Ocean

Imagine the implications of urban sprawl if we had begun building out into the ocean in the ‘50s?  Well, as our world population rises and developed land in cities and surrounding zones becomes more and more scarce, we are starting to see ocean sprawl becoming more popular all over the globe. We are already seeing […]

December 22nd

Biomimicry: HVAC Inspired by Termites

Add this biomimetic project to the board! Architect, Mick Pierce and engineers at Arup Associates successfully took inspiration from nature when designing the heating and cooling system of the Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, the country’s largest office and shopping complex. Where did they get this inspiration? African Termites! If you’ve ever seen a termite […]

December 12th

Alternative Gifting = Lending and Microloans

For those of you who are stumped about gifts this holiday there is probably a reason. You ask yourself- what do we actually need? Amidst all of the news of poverty and destruction, most of us find ourselves in the upper economy and hopefully and simply grateful for what we have already. Our culture has […]

December 5th

People Powered Energy: Portable Wind Turbine and Power Bank

About three years ago in design school at the University of Michigan, I was making concept sketches of wearable energy-generating devices, such as turbines, for my thesis on people-powered energy systems. Although I focused in on a different, yet quite similar, project, I have been waiting for a personal, handheld wind turbine to come to […]

November 28th

A New Process to Make Products from Recycled Plastics

Over 11% of household waste is plastic. It is critical today that we begin to recycle the plastic waste and use products made of the plastic we recycle. If you don’t like doing it, here is an incentive for you. Designers today are thinking up new ways to make everyday products out our recycled materials. […]

November 23rd

Big Events: 2008 TED Conference is Sold Out

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED started in 1984 as a conference to bring together inspirees from all three disciplines, from all over the globe. The annual conference hosts speakers such as John Maeda, Jane Goodall, Stuart Brand, Bill Clinton, Paul Bennett, who are doing progressive work and leave you with practical steps on […]

November 17th