Author: greenqueen

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Leather Manufacturer ISA Tan Tec To Spend $8.7M On New Vietnam-Based Tannery

Leather manufacturer ISA Tan Tec will spend $8.7 million on its new, Vietnam-based tannery aimed at producing leather using fewer resources than industry standards. The German/Chinese company was founded by CEO Thomas Schneider, who said that the demand from its clients for ecologically friendly leather is increasing rapidly. The Ho Chi Minh City location, set to open in mid-2009, will have 280 employees churning out two million square meters of leather a year.

January 19th

Baylor University Researchers Find New Uses for Coconut Husks to Make Car Parts

Baylor University researchers, led by Dr. Walter Bradley, Distinguished Professor of Engineering, has found an innovative way to use coconut husks in automotive interiors. The mission of the group is to develop technologies and a business model that will not only make a profit, but make a difference in the lives of people most in need, all while being good stewards of the planet.

January 14th