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Smart Introduces a New One-Seater in Detroit

Thought a Smart couldn’t get any smaller? Well, perhaps not on four wheels, but at this year’s North American International Auto Show, the company known for its tiny cars rolled out… a bicycle! Jo Borras at sister site Gas 2.0 has all the details on Smart’s latest “vehicle.” Production Smart Bicycle Launched at Detroit Auto […]

The Pedal Powered Generator Goes Open Source

Building a simple pedal-powered generator isn’t that difficult – we got one (kind of like the one above) going on the fly nearly four years ago at the last blogathon up at Dancing Rabbit.  It didn’t really generate enough power reliably to help us, though – that takes a bit more engineering. If you want […]

Cargo Bikes that Look Cool… Really!

Cargo bikes look kind of clunky, which may explain why they’ve been slower to catch on in the US. Still, if you’re looking to go low/no-car, a bicycle with room for groceries could go a long ways towards getting you there – they’d be even more convenient than the bus/train for shopping trips. Denmark’s Butchers […]

The $300 DIY Greenhouse: How to Build Your Own Walipini

While it may not feel like it – it definitely doesn’t here – Winter garden season is upon us… and pretty soon you may be thinking about ways to extend the growing season as it starts to cool off. A greenhouse is the go-to solution for most folks, but that means shelling out some bucks… right? Maybe not as much as you might think…