Author: Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

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A Couple from Across the Pond Thanks for these, Doug — and it looks like your publishing access is working… On the offshore wind farms — I read a piece the other day about trouble bubbling up over a similar plan in Nantucket Sound — apparently the limousine liberals in Martha’s Vineyard, etc., don’t want […]

If it takes two to tango, how many does it take to sustain-o? (No worse than your to be B.) Troublesome post, eh? How about this: Billy J. was about as bad at sustaining the “great American experiment” of a republic in the light of “Red” Jefferson’s Declaration and his republicanism, as is Gerogie W.? […]

Shameless self-promotion Thanks to Krystle at for publishing my review of Paul Hawken’s, Amory Lovins’ and L. Hunter Lovins’ Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution. Check out her site, as it’s quite different — one might call it one woman’s journey to sustainability. My review

Books Reviews: The Ice Chronicles and Eco-Economy Another forward from Doug… So, why is it that the Canadians are so far ahead on all of this? If I plug “sustainability” into a search engine, most of the results are from Canada or Great Britain. What ever happened to the USA as the land of ingenuity?? […]

Interview with Wes Jackson Thanks, Doug, for passing along this Counterpunch piece: media critic Robert Jensen’s interview with founder of the Land Institute’s Wes Jackson. If you’ve read Natural Capitalism, The Ecology of Commerce, or any of the Ishmael series, much of this will sound familiar — that’s a good thing though. Link to interview […]

To Be B, or Not to Be B OK, that was bad… Finished Daniel Quinn’s The Story of B the other night — wow! I enjoyed Ismael thoroughly, but B combines comfort-shattering teaching on sustainability within a really well-told, suspenseful story — I never saw any of the major plot twists coming. Planning on passing […]

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