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Low Impact Living: Steps To A Water Neutral Home

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jason Pelletier, and originally published at Low Impact Living on March 28, 2009. If you’re one of those folks out there who is suffering from a bit of carbon fatigue, then a post in the NY Times’ Green Inc. blog this week could either provide additional motivation for green projects or […]

March 29th

Low Impact Living: New Green Products That Save You Money

One of the great things about many green products is that they’ll actually save you money, sometimes over the long term (solar panels), but sometimes almost immediately (CFLs). In this economy, finding green products that are healthy, environmentally friendly AND economical is more important than ever. So, here are some new products we’ve come across […]

February 6th

Eat Chips, Save Trash: One L.A. Guy’s Almost Zero-waste Year

Think hardcore environmentalism requires living like a monk? Not if you ask Dave Chameides, a steadicam operator living in L.A. who collected all his trash for a year and blogged about the project. Dave created less trash in all of 2008 than an average American family throws out in a week. And more impressively, he […]

January 27th

Low Impact Living: Thoughts on a Green Chanukah

Chanukah starts Sunday December 21 this year– just a week from today. Just as we encourage everyone to incorporate eco-smart ideas and green gifts into their Christmas plans, we also want to share some thoughts on how to have a Green Chanukah this year. First, starting with the menorah, it’s always a great idea to […]

December 17th

Low Impact Living: What’s Your Nitrogen Footprint?

It seems these days that you can’t get away from reading about carbon anywhere. From supermarket shelves to rental car counters, carbon labels and carbon offset offers are showing up everywhere. Part of this is because of the importance of and growing concern about global warming. But there’s another good reason: it’s a great single […]

September 19th