Author: Justin Van Kleeck

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Birdbaths Are the Greatest Invention EVER

Forget the wheel. Forget plumbing. Forget the plough. Forget the printing press. Forget electricity. Forget the automobile. Forget the airplane. Forget the atomic bomb. Forget the television. Forget the cell phone. Forget the beer helmet. Forget Cup-O-Noodles…. The greatest human invention ever, the thing that makes our human lives worth living and will serve as […]

August 10th

Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 1-Justin

[Authors’ Introduction: This represents the first in a series of posts in which Sustainablog contributors Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery discuss sustainability–in both philosophical and practical terms–and ultimately grope our way towards some definition(s) of “sustainability.” The posts grow out of e-mails that we traded recently relating to Caroline’s Sust Enable project. This is […]

August 2nd

Meditation: Plop Me on the Mountaintop

I love mountains. Do you love mountains, too? Oddly enough, some folks feel no real affection for the mountains–or even hills, sand dunes, dirt piles…or speed bumps for that matter! These flatlanders, who seem to congregate most deliberately in the middle portions of these United States and similar terrains, huff and puff and would love […]

July 27th

Meditation: Behold the Power of Trees

I love trees. Do you love trees, too? Oddly enough, some folks feel absolute terror at the prospect of being lost in the woods. Think of The Blair Witch Project or Deliverance. Without a sense of bearings, of direction, or of civilization, many folks think of the woods and see the forest for every single […]

July 26th