Author: Justin Van Kleeck

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SOIL Is Not a DIRTY Word

When you go out to work in the garden or the flowerbed, do you go out and dig in the dirt? When you fill up your flowerpots, are you filling them with dirt? When you head to the hardware store, do you pick up bags of dirt? When you think or talk about where the […]

July 12th

Rest in Green Peace: Green Burials for Sustainability After Death

Sustainability, it seems, can be practiced in all aspects of one’s life–including DEATH! As I discovered recently, traditional methods of handling dead humans are surprisingly serious sources of pollution and resource consumption. For example, burials require a dangerous toxin, formaldehyde, to embalm the body, and those pollutants remain in the corpse as it decays and […]

The Fine Art of Foraging

For this Fourth of July, I chose to celebrate a day of independence by stressing out to prepare for a holiday party, nor by figuring out which fireworks show to go to, nor by basking in the presence of President Bush during his visit to Monticello here in Charlottesville. No, for this Fourth of July, […]

Compassion in Action: How to Save a Fly

If you do not think me a bit nutty already, then be warned: the following may have you calling the men in white coats. Nevertheless, intrepid lover of living creatures little and big that I am, I risk perpetual solitary confinement in a padded room or, even worse, the reputation of an idealist and extremist […]

June 29th

Say Hello to My Little Friend–The Hummingbird

Have you ever been outside, maybe working in the garden, soaking up rays by the pool, or snoozing in the hammock, when suddenly a flying, sparkly green centurion with pointy black spear charges up, out of nowhere, dangerously close to your face? This thing, whatever it is, seems simply to pop into existence with no […]

June 22nd

Green Walking 1: Go Walkabout

Inspired by Caroline Savery’s great post on bicycling in the city, I wanted to comment on yet another alternative mode of transportation: walking. Walking? C’mon. Yes, walking. Seriously. Walking is not only easy to do and inexpensive (unless you go all out and make it complicated and costly), but it is also a wonderful way […]

June 15th