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What’s Your Dream For American Transit?

Gas costs have skyrocketed, and with them, the cost of flying.  This greenie isn’t 100% upset: with the cost of fuel increasing exponentially in the past few years, people are examining their transportation patterns and needs and trying to find cost- and fuel-effective methods of getting from Point A to Point B.  Smaller, more fuel-efficient […]

September 17th

Six Creative Upcycling Projects

Editor’s note: Students — please feel free to use the information here. Just make sure to credit it appropriately (with a link if possible)… including credit to the owners of the images. Upcycling, a phrase coined by Cradle to Cradle authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart, is the act of creating useful products from waste […]

September 9th

US Tennis Association Serves Up Green

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) announced Monday, during the opening of the US Open, that it would be making efforts to initiate long-term environmentally sustainable projects to reduce it’s carbon footprint at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center (NTC) in New York.  Environmental consultants Environmental Resource Management assisted in the plans to green […]

August 26th

Product Review: act 2-Green Smart Laptop Jacket

A sign that the green movement has truly taken hold: when consumer products made in a green way look exactly like a non-green product. Gone are the days when recycled or organic meant frumpy granola. So I was pleased when I received an act 2-Green Smart‘s All-Around Laptop Jacket by Shoreline in the mail and […]

November 27th