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Good News: US Solar Power to Double in 2010

Editor’s note: Not sure why this post got pulled back into the pending queue yesterday… apologies if you clicked through and got an error page. In light of mid-October’s Solar Power International Conference, there is some great news about the industry.  The Solar Energy Industry Association  (SEIA) is reporting that solar power in the US […]

October 26th

Three Cool Solar Power Competitions That Could Change Our World

It seems that we are finding a new use for solar power everyday.  Whether it’s grid-tie applications*, lighting*, or backup power*, solar is rapidly becoming our green energy alternative of choice.  Solar is rapidly evolving as the technology and applications for it are changing daily.  In this light, here are 3 great contests that are […]

October 18th

Solar Leasing: An Exciting New Way to Get Solar Panels

There are many ways to go about getting solar panels on your home.  Most of them involve hiring a good contractor to design and install a system on your roof.  And, unfortunately, it often involves spending a lot of money up front on the system and installation.  Fortunately, there are alternatives that are rapidly evolving […]

September 17th