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How to Make Sure Your Home is Ready for Solar Panels

Have you been considering solar panels* for your home to reduce your energy bills? Sure you have. You’re a Sustainablog reader, after all, and solar panels are the new granite countertops (in terms of adoption). But there is a bit more to it than some people realize so Jane and I are going to show […]

July 7th

Our Garden: Friends and Allies

Most agriculture and gardening efforts these days follow along the lines of a military operation. Waging war on pests and varmints can be a full time job if you let it. For the past few years Jane and I have worked on a better method, using the creatures that frequent our garden as a warning […]

June 28th

Off-Grid Living: Our Garden

Editor’s note: We’re pleased to have Les and Jane Oke join sustainablog’s team of contributors! Off-grid since 1993, the Okes have worked in a variety of fields, including renewable energy installation, organic market gardening, and print and online publishing. They’re writers first and foremost, though, and have published articles at Mother Earth News, Reader’s Digest, […]

June 10th