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Ford Fusion Hybrid Hypermiles Its Way to 80 + MPG

An environmentalist praising an American car maker and a NASCAR driver in the same post? Fasten your seatbelts! [social_buttons]On Monday, a team of drivers, including hypermiler Wayne Gerdes and NASCAR driver Carl Edwards successfully completed the 1000 mile challenge, taking a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid 1005 miles on less than a single tank of gas. […]

April 27th

Interview with Nobel Prize Winner, Woodrow Clark II

Dr. Woodrow Clark is a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Prize, along with former Vice President Al Gore, for his work as a co-author and co-editor of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Report. He was also the first Research Director for the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, establishing the economic […]

April 22nd

Emissions from Plastic Manufacturing Damaging Cattle DNA

Courtesy of  Scientific American and Environmental Health News, another reason to despise plastic. According to an article by Matthew Cimitile, researchers believe that airborne pollution from plastics manufacturing may change the DNA of cattle. It all started when ranchers living 4 miles downwind from the Formosa Plastics facilities in Point Comfort, Texas noticed that their […]

March 25th

They Killed Sister Dorothy

Next Wednesday night, March 25th, tune into HBO2’s premiere of the documentary They Killed Sister Dorothy at 8 pm if you want to begin to understand the violence and injustice that surrounds the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. If you aren’t going to be home, then set your Tivo. I was fortunate enough to see Daniel […]

March 19th

An End to Local Meat Sources?

I am obsessed with farms and farmers markets. People that read my work probably know that by now. Did I mention that I sometimes go to three different farmers markets in a single week? One of the things I love is that in addition to fruits and veggies, my local farmers markets have vendors selling […]

March 12th

Building America and the Builders Challenge, the DOE’s Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency

If you have never heard of the Department of Energy’s Building America initiative, started in the 1990’s, start paying attention. With tax incentives for home energy efficiency and the addition of the new Builders Challenge initiative, started in January of 2008 this program is likely to become increasingly popular. Building America works with research teams […]

March 9th

Sustainability-Focused Companies Out-Perform Competitors

According to research by consulting firm A.T. Kearny, compiled in their “Green” Winners Report, “companies committed to corporate sustainability practices are achieving above average performance in the financial markets during this slowdown.” The key is that the commitment to sustainability be authentic. In cases where it is integrated into a company to deal with human […]

March 4th

Paper Matters

Paper appears to be high on the agenda of a number of organizations this week. It’s necessary. Paper is so ubiquitous – from tissues to toilet paper to memo pads to catalogs to the mess on your desk – that it is easy to forget, or perhaps more convenient to ignore, that paper manufacturing has […]

February 26th