Author: lisakivirist

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Renewing the Countryside: Five Reasons Why the Next Generation Can Revitalize Rural America

Talk about a recipe for potential disaster.  Combine a down economy, changing agriculture practices, rising unemployment and the end result looks grim.  But here’s the secret ingredient  revitalizing and greening our countryside:  young people under 35. Profiled in the new book, Renewing the Countryside: Youth, this new generation is making their mark on rural areas, […]

June 11th

The Change We Brick: Three Lessons for Obama from Legoland

Over 2,500 miles west of Washington D.C. this week in sunny Carlsbad, California, the new Obama presidency commemorates a different type of inauguration, compliments of Legoland. The Master Model Designers behind Miniland U.S.A. – the section of this theme park that depicts Lego versions of various American landmarks – dressed up the model of the […]

January 21st

Green Eggs and Change: Five Reasons Why the Obamas Should Feature Sustainable Agriculture at the 2009 White House Egg Roll

It’s hard not to feel a bit sorry for President-Elect Barack Obama. Despite all the rainbow of pomp and circumstance surrounding the upcoming inauguration, he’s walking into a dark storm of problems and crisis, wrapped in a hefty price tag. So here’s a reminder, Mr. President-Elect, to remember the low-hanging fruit. Take advantage of easy […]

January 8th

Stock Up On Sustainability: Five Tips to Shop the Final Farmers Market and Eat Local All Winter (Recipe Included)

The sustainability mantra may be “less is more,” but there’s one exception when buying more makes green sense: shopping the last farmers’ markets. If you’re not gardening and growing your own produce, your local farmers’ market serves as your easy connection to one-stop local fare shopping. But as frosts linger and the cold winds start […]

October 15th