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Renewable Energy Gets Annual Review

Every year the Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) and the Worldwatch Institute put together a profile and report card of the world’s renewable energy sector. The REN21 Renewables 2007 Global Status Report found that last year, wind power capacity increased about 28 percent and solar power capacity went up 52 percent. Renewable […]

March 26th

Better Buildings Best Way to Cut Carbon

A North American organization of energy experts issued a report that found that building more green buildings is the best way to cut carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), one of the major contributors to global warming. In fact, green buildings could cut emissions more deeply, quickly and more cheaply than any other global warming mitigation effort. […]

March 17th

Australia and India Team Up for Cleantech

American and European venture capitalists invested more than $3.5 billion in clean technologies — a 13 percent increase over 2006. But other nations want a piece of the pie; so Indian banks are going to provide Australian companies access to their energy markets in order to grow India’s cleantech sector. Equity funding for development projects […]

March 12th

How to Not Lose that Wind Power Feelin’

This is exciting stuff: Xcel Energy is going to test 80-ton batteries the size of two semi-trailers to capture the power generated from its wind turbines. The utility is testing 20 such batteries with an 11-megawatt wind farm in southwestern Minnesota. There’s a test phase set for this spring and then the batteries are expected […]

March 5th

Why the Saudis are Looking at Solar

Saudi Arabia makes more than 10 million barrels of oil a day, but it may be turning an eye on a cleaner, brighter prospect: solar power. Oil minister Ali al-Nuaimi told French media that the oil-rich nation is researching how it can become a center for solar energy research and eventually become a “major megawatt” […]

March 3rd

Australia Builds the Largest Solar Plant (for now)

Every time I turn around, it seems like a new state or new nation is building the world’s largest solar power plant! So here’s the latest one: Australia will break ground next year on a 154-megawatt solar plant in Victoria. That’s nearly twice the size of the largest solar plant in the U.S. Once it’s […]

February 27th

Measuring Solar’s Total Impact

Renewable energy generates clean power, and the fuel is often free: There’s no cost to make the wind blow or the sun shine. But just as many people advocate for considering the full cost of fossil fuels in the price of electricity (the cost of the pollution, mining, etc), so too must the full cost […]

February 25th

B of A to Consider CO2 Liability

Bank of America may name carbon dioxide (CO2) – a major contributor to global warming – a potential liability when it considers financing utility sector projects. Chief executive Ken Lewis has also called for a national cap-and-trade policy at the 2008 Emerging Issues Forum. You can listen to Lewis’ remarks to the forum here.

February 20th

Wining about Global Warming

Last week, 350 wine makers and scientists from around the globe discussed how global warming is effecting their wines and how they can adjust their productions to emit less emissions themselves. Carbon sequestration was a hot topic, whereby carbon dioxide (CO2, a major contributor to global warming) is captured and stored underground, instead of letting […]

February 18th

Will Work for Planet and Profit

I remember graduating from college and having that feeling in the pit of my stomach “Damn, now what?” Well, if you’re into clean energy, you may have some good prospects. Renewable energy businesses are booming, but they’re competing quite intensely for talented people. Writing for Renewable Energy Access, Dawn Dzurilla noted that the “triple bottom […]

February 13th

Bay Area May Charge Businesses for Global Warming

For perhaps the first time ever, U.S. businesses could be fined based on the amount of global warming pollution they emit. The Bay Area Quality Air Management District in San Fransisco has proposed a fine of 4.2 cents per metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) on every power plant, factory and even small business. CO2 […]

February 11th

Minnesota Climate Advisors Make Recommendations

Minnesota’s 2007 Next Generation Energy Act instructed Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) to convene a group of 50 advisors from the energy industry, nonprofits, business, agriculture, and health to come up with recommendations to cut global warming emissions. The Minnesota Climate Change Advisory Group just announced 50 recommendations they’re sending to the governor and the legislature. […]

February 6th

Banks Announce “Carbon Principles”

Spurred by looming federal policy on CO2 emissions, many banks are exploring how to mitigate their financial risk as much as possible. This week, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan announced guidelines to help them determine whether to lend money to projects that emit a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) – like coal-fired power plants. […]

February 5th