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What is an Investment Product?

Recently, I wrote about the financial ROI of Green Investing. Let’s drill down further… In finance, an investment is a “thing” you buy with money for the purpose of getting both getting your money back, and getting more money in the form of “interest”, “capital appreciation” or both. This “thing” is a piece of paper […]

June 17th

ROI of Green Investing, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about the ecological and social outcomes one might wish to support via green investing. But what about the financial return on investment (ROI)? Financial ROI (profit) is vital to green investing. This can sound jarring to green-minded folks because for quite a long time, the profits of most businesses […]

June 10th

ROI of Green Investments, Part 1

Green investors often refer to the “triple bottom line”: What are the social benefits? What are the environmental benefits? What is the financial Return on Investment (ROI)? The first Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) funds avoided companies that made cigarettes, supplied the military, or did business in South Africa. This new approach was called “negative screening”. […]

June 5th

ABC’s for Green Investors and Entrepreneurs

Hi Everyone, I’d like to thank Green Options for inviting me to join their team of writers. I’ve been an eco-entrepreneur my whole career, over 25 years. These days, I help connect green leaders and the general public in new ways that accelerate benefits to people and the biosphere. One of the most vital, energetic, […]

June 3rd