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Gaining Green Ground

A resilient city has 1) a green action plan and 2) a green economic plan. He sees cities as a productive point of convergence, “In cities, people can talk common sense to each other,” said Miller.

November 2nd

Greening Hollywood: DIY Eco-Home

[social_buttons] First Time Homebuyers qualified for Fed. Stimulus Funds. Why not “greenovate!” $50K available in grant money for home improvements for qualified individuals.” Were you starting to believe that the Federal Stimulus $$ were for everyone but you? Brace yourself, because you, – yes YOU! – even if you’re not a billionaire banker or jet-setting […]

August 7th

Greening Hollywood: Sony’s Sustainable Culture

[social_buttons] Sony Pictures Studios believes in creating a culture on their Culver City campus. For CEO Michael Lynton and Co-Chairman Amy Pascal this includes a culture of environmental responsibility and sustainable stewardship, according to Jon Corcoran, VP, Corporate Safety and Environmental Affairs and John Rego, Director, Environmental Sustainability for the movie studio. During a recent […]

June 29th

Greening Hollywood: Produced By

Saving the planet through story is how Arianna shaped the green panel she moderated at the Produced By Conference held at Sony Picture Studios over the weekend.  The Conference was put on by the Producer’s Guild of America and co-helmed by the legendary Gale Anne Hurd. If a person’s clout can be measured by the […]

June 24th