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Book Review: When Santa Turned Green

Have you been waiting for a green Christmas story for children? I found one. While perusing Barnes and Noble the other day I came across When Santa Turned Green by Victoria Perla. Here’s the premise. Global warming is wreaking some havoc at Santa’s workshop. It’s causing a leak in the roof. Since Santa’s got a […]

December 18th

Bar Mitzvahs are Going Green

It’s common for bar and bat mitzvahs to have a theme, and the latest trend seems to be green for the reception following this Jewish right of passage ceremony. reports that “scores of Jewish families are beginning to incorporate the [green] trend into their religious lives.” The green them trend isn’t just for their […]

December 17th

Reducing Your Recycling: Part 2

On Tuesday, I wrote about the dip in demand for recyclable materials. Recyclables are piling up in warehouses, and as long as the economy continues to head in the direction it’s heading, demand probably won’t increase. It’s a problem. What’s the solution? I’m not sure what the solution is in the grand scheme of things, […]

December 11th

Reducing Your Recycling: Part 1

Before anyone starts screaming, “What, I thought I was supposed to recycle! This girl is crazy.” let me explain. I’m not advocating throwing recyclables in the trash to end up in a landfill. I’m talking about putting more focus on the first two parts of the environmentalist’s mantra – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Over the past […]

December 9th

How to Find a Locally Grown Christmas Tree

Last month, I did a little research to find out if I was breaking any “green laws” with my yearly real Christmas tree. It may seem counter-intuitive, but I discovered that many environmentalists are pro-real Christmas trees over artificial trees. Why is it considered more environmentally friendly to cut down trees than have an artificial […]

December 5th

Compost vs Landfill: Does it Really Make a Difference?

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Dr. John at Flopping Aces for bringing this 6-year-old-post back into our “Popular Right Now” column for a few minutes. I hope he’s given himself a good pat on the back for his snarky observation; I hope you’ll read just a bit more than he obviously did…. it’s a short post, […]

December 2nd

Curbside Composting: A Valuable Community Service

This past spring, my family and I were able to get all the compost we needed for our vegetable garden from a local community’s compost pile at their department of public works. The compost was created from all of the leaves and yard clippings that had been collected curbside. Many communities collect leaves, clippings and […]

November 28th

Mother Nature (Network) is Looking for Interns

If the college turnout for last week’s elections are any indication, we are fortunate in this country to have a population of highly passionate, highly informed young adults. The Mother Nature Network is looking to tap into some of that youthful energy by bringing on college interns whose passions run for the environment. The soon […]

November 14th

Shouldn’t Every Day be America Recycles Day by Now?

November 15th is officially America Recycles Day. Sponsored by the National Recycling Coalition, America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and to buy recycled products. Celebrating its 11th year, it has grown to include millions of Americans pledging to increase their recycling habits at home and work […]

November 11th

What Should President-Elect Obama’s First Sustainable Act Be?

It’s been unusually quiet here on Sustainablog the past few days. I assume everyone was gearing up for yesterday. Perhaps we were all reading up on the issues we’d be voting for in our individual states. Perhaps we were out canvasing our neighborhoods, encouraging people to vote. Or, perhaps we were simply biting our nails […]

November 5th