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12 Greenest Colleges and Universities in the U.S.

Editor’s note: Looking for more updated information on green colleges & universities? Check out this infographic. In many respects, the modern environmental movement was born in the colleges and universities that dot the American landscape. And that spirit and enthusiasm for green innovation continues to flourish today. But with all of the green claims made […]

August 21st

Are You In ‘The Gort Cloud’? A Book Review

(click to expand) The Gort Cloud: The Invisible Force Powering Today’s Most Visible Green Brands by Richard Seireeni with Scott Fields 240 pp. Chelsea Green It is like what Van Jones called the “invisible network of networks.” Everyone who is in it (and some who stand outside it) know it is there, but they just […]

March 31st

Shopping for the Green and Local – Online

GenGreenLife, National Geographic Green Guide and partner to form new online portal to green products and services Looking for a carpet cleaner that doesn’t use all kinds of dangerous high-VOC cleaning products? Have a hunkering for some tofurkey slices but are out of town and away from your favorite natural foods grocer? If you […]

January 13th

ROTHBURY: A Music Festival With a Purpose

As has been reported on the Green Options network in the past, enviros and music festivals go together like peanut butter and jelly. The synergy between the two may be no more evident than on July 4th weekend 2008, when the town of Rothbury, Michigan will play host to a “party with a purpose.” The […]

April 8th

There Are Green Jobs Up In Canada, eh.

Americans do not have a particularly easy time getting jobs in Canada. I am not saying it’s impossible, mind you, just difficult. But, if you reside in one of the 50 plus countries of the British Commonwealth, you might have a much easier time getting the proper papers to be permitted to stay and work […]

February 18th

Book Giveaway: Tell Us the Book That Could Green the White House

In the spirit of the seemingly endless campaign for the presidency of the U.S., I am going to put a little green twist on a question that was raised on the PBS program, Bill Moyers Journal, the other night. Moyers showed clips of one question that CBS’ Katie Couric had asked of all the candidates […]

February 5th

Why TiVo is Made for the State of the Union (v2.0)

I did not ‘live blog’ the State of the Union Address last night (and no, not because I was too drunk). In fact, I didn’t watch it live at all. In an effort to take back a piece of my life lost to commercial advertisements, I have recently become a TiVo person (not the brand […]

January 29th

Pine Beetles Cross the Continental Divide

[This piece is the first of two parts addressing the pine beetle epidemic in Colorado and what the mountain communities are doing about it. While the situation may seem bleak at the outset of this story, I promise some good news in part two before all is said and done.] Colorado has 1.7 million acres […]

January 22nd

Stakeholders React to Cape Wind Report – Kennedy Clan Still Quiet

As I reported yesterday, a proposed wind farm near Cape Cod cleared a major hurdle when the US Minerals Management Service issued a favorable report in their Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The agency indicated that, in nearly all of the issues they studied, the project would have minimal impacts. The report did say that some […]

January 15th