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Shop Green Online with thepurplebook

Unless you live a Compact-like lifestyle, you are going to be shopping on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it be home improvements, gifts, furnishings, crafts, gardening, fashions, babies, sports, pets or anything else you have going on, there is a green option to be found. But where do you buy from? I’m all for promoting […]

March 3rd

Jeff Poulton of Swango on Fashion Swapping: An Interview

Ah, the world of fashion – what a pure pain in the butt it can be to try and keep up with trends. After over 10 years in the fashion world, I’ve found it is best to wear what makes you both comfortable and confident. As eco-concerned citizen, buying clothing and accessories made from new, […]

January 30th

Magazine Review: GOOD November/December 2007 Issue

Billboards, commercials, shopping bags, newspapers, pop-up ads … do you ever get sick of all the media around you? Finding anyone that is talking about something that actually matters is harder than ever these days, but a group of folks (in Los Angeles of all places) is doing just that. Started only last year, GOOD […]

November 26th

Green Shopping Spotlight: Organic Style

Thanksgiving is only a week away, which means the gift-giving season is in full swing. To make your seasonal shopping easier and more sustainable, I’m bringing you a series of green online stores that offer a wide variety of eco-gifts that would make anyone on your list feel appreciated. The first offering in this series […]

November 15th