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Map Shows Who Gets Screwed by Climate Change, Who Doesn't

In a new map illustrating climate vulnerability, it’s obvious which countries take the biggest hits, and are most susceptible to the effects of climate change. Developed by risk analysts Maplecroft, the map combines measures of the risk of certain global warming impacts, including storms, flooding, and droughts, with the social and financial ability of both […]

October 28th

Top 10 Tips For a Zero Waste Home

Do you think you can reduce your annual trash to squeeze inside a single quart size jar? Well, Bea Johnson and her family did, and so can you. You probably already know half of what you need to do, but in this post, Bea Johnson spells out everything you need to do to achieve zero […]

September 29th

Gränsfors Bruks: Still Hand Forging Axes in High Tech Gadget Age

A big part of my life is building. I moved into my own hand-built cob house two summers ago, and currently I’m building a timber frame kitchen, and planning for a another house. I pursue natural building, using local and recycled materials, and with that, using traditional techniques. This includes the use of hand tools. […]

September 28th

What is Life Like Without an Air Conditioner?

For the past two weeks, talk about the weather has been a very, very hot topic. (Godawful pun, forgive me.) For good reason. Here at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in northeast Missouri, daytime temperatures have been in the mid 90s consistently, peaking as high as 100°. Nighttime temperatures have brought little to no relief. On top […]

August 11th

The American Dream is a Mirage: a Poem

Still denying Still lying to yourself Still crying about all the wrong things One of these days Something’s gonna tip or fall or crash and maybe, just maybe you’ll wake up and realize that ice is melting the sun is blazing and even your feet are colder in the winter That things aren’t just gonna […]

August 10th

Cheap Solar Lighting with a Two Liter Water Bottle

An ingenious solar lighting idea is spreading across the slums of the Philippines. This solar light design requires neither a solar panel nor a light bulb, however. In fact, all it requires is the sun and a two liter water bottle. Light bulbs are only for the very fortunate in the Philippines, as they are […]

July 29th

What is Organic Food, Really? Exposing The Agriculture Myths

Just what the heck is organic food, anyway? When a particular product is certified organic, does that mean the same thing that we imagine it to mean — that the food was raised without pesticides, was grown responsibly and in a non-destructive manner? Well…. maybe not. In a can-o’-worms-openin’ article for Scientific American, Christie Wilcox […]

July 22nd