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Damn! 400+ High Temperature Records Broken in US

It’s still mid-summer, and already over 400 individual maximum recorded temperature records have been broken in the US. Are you starting to sweat? Or were you already? Readers can use a handy feature on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) website to check out just how hot this country is, and how many heat […]

July 14th

Dive! Film Explores Dumpster Diving and Food Waste

Despite the title, Dive! is not a movie about graceful Olympic divers. Nothing could be further from that image. Instead, it’s a new film about the massive food waste in America, and those who choose to dive into dumpsters to save food from going to the landfill. In his film, Jeremy Siefert takes on Trader […]

June 23rd

American Wasteland Book Explores Massive Food Waste

Did you know that fully 25-50% of all food produced in America goes to waste? Combine that with the amazing fact that 13% of the global population, or over one in every ten humans is malnourished, and you might be scratching your head, or more likely, seriously outraged. In his new book American Wasteland, writer […]

June 15th

Awesome Books Document Folks Who Build Their Own Awesome Eco Homes

In preparation for building my own straw bale home, I have been spending a lot of time flipping through a few specific books for inspiration. Lloyd Kahn‘s series of titles, Shelter, Home Work, and Builders of the Pacific Coast (affiliate links) are three great books that document folks all over the globe who build their own […]

June 3rd

How To Make Delicious Raw Massaged Kale Salad

Let me get this out there: I would way rather eat greens raw than cooked, 99 times out of 100. Easily. Between the sheer amount of green mass you need to actually steam or sautee them, and that decidedly underwhelming lack of crispiness that comes with wilted greens, I would just way rather stick to […]

June 2nd

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Own Potatoes

I gotta admit, I’m something of a lazy gardener. I will always seek out the easiest way to plant vegetables and grow my own food. But I have some good excuses, too: I don’t like tilling soil because it disrupts the soil life, and why would I spend all that time weeding when I can […]

May 26th

Small Wood-Burning Stoves For Small Homes: A Review

Wood stoves are a highly economical way to provide heat for your home if you have access to a woodlot or live in a remote or rural area. To get the most bang for your buck, you should invest in a clean(er)-burning, efficient model. Last year, I spent a fair amount of time researching small, […]

February 16th

Video Trys To Put Relative Smile on Face of Cargill Slaughterhouse Conditions

There has been much written about the state of the slaughterhouse over the past hundred years, with books like The Jungle blazing an enlightening trail, and the much more modern Fast Food Nation highlighting the current day’s terrible and incredibly dangerous working conditions and questionable sanitary conditions. It is quite rare to actually see the […]

February 15th

How To Make Delicious Fermented Garlic

Fermentation is a great way to take ordinary foods and make them even more delectable, and nutritious. Common fermentation favorites include foods like sauerkraut, pickles, cheeses, sourdough bread, and many more. Almost every food has its fermented counterpart, and garlic is no exception. Here’s a simple way to make delicious fermented garlic with nothing more […]

February 14th

Natural Alternatives to Rock Salt For Walkway Ice

We love quick fixes. On oh-so many levels, we try to quickly and easily fix something without thinking ahead to the potential longer term problems that often result from the quick fix solution. You can throw rock salt into that very broad category, since it is the number one preferred quick solution for melting ice […]

February 11th

I Heart Wool Socks: Why Wool Clothing is So Lovely & Warm

These recent winter days, temperatures are hovering in the low teens, and nighttime temperatures plummet to 0º or below. This is the first winter I got a hold of some wool socks, and boy oh boy, I can easily claim they have revolutionized my winter comfort. I will never go back to wearing socks other […]

February 10th

Catastrophic Snow Storm Has Positive Impact on Ecovillage

Last week, a gigantic snow storm swept across the country, affecting many millions of people, with snow falling on a whopping 30 states, and record-setting snowfalls in many cities, countless stranded drivers and commuters with no way to make their way to work, and deadly cold blowing in and making recovery a difficult and sometimes […]

February 7th

Know Your Vegetable Seeds: The Lowdown on Heirloom, Hybrid, and Organic Seeds

Now’s the time of year when prudent green thumbs curl up with their favorite seed catalogs and plan their springtime gardens, selecting from a huge variety of vegetable seeds for sale from an equally large number of seed companies. Many companies commonly offer heirloom and organic seeds, but what sets these varieties apart from the […]

February 3rd