Author: zshahan

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Educating Our Children

We are influenced throughout our life by the company we keep, the groups and issues we engage in, and the people we respect and learn from. But is there anything that compares to what we learn from our parents as children? We can see the way children imitate their parents, even as adults. Children learn […]

July 18th

Alaska’s Coast Melting Faster than Ever

A recent study shows that Alaska’s coast is melting faster than ever, and that along with the melting ice, more and more of the land is eroding into the ocean as well. The causes of the erosion also seem to be changing — in the past it was largely due to storms but that is […]

March 5th

First Ecovillage in the Netherlands

The ‘Ecovillage’ movement is not new, but, along with many other green ideas, it is growing steadily these days. Ecovillages come in different varieties, but they hold a few basic characteristics in common. They try to combine great ecological sensibility and responsibility with innovative social environments that are supportive and fair. Different communities use or […]

March 1st