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Think Green, Live Green… and Make a Video!

User-created video contests are all the rage lately, and Juntoventure, a non-profit organization dedicated to “sustainability education through digital media,” has joined the fun with its “Think Green Live Green Challenge.” Starting tomorrow (Friday, January 18th), the Challenge invites participants to do a little bit more than just make a video about green living practices […]

OpenEco Energy Camp

What do you get you when you put four experts in a San Francisco energy camp called OpenEco 2008? You get something between a bar brawl and poetry recital. Actually the opening segment for yesterday’s Sun Microsystems sponsored-UCSF based-camp began with Dave Douglas, VP of Eco Responsibility at Sun Microsystems leading a spirited discussion panel […]

January 11th

“Energy Camp” Features Hunter Lovins, Adam Werbach, and More…

Meant to get this one published much earlier in the week… life (or, more appropriately, administrative tasks) does (do) get in the way…:P Today, at UC-San Francisco’s Conference Center, Sun Microsystems will be hosting’s “Energy Camp,” a free one-day event that focuses on bringing together environmental leaders and software developers to discuss “coding for […]

Environmental Defense: Greening the Holidays

Ten earth-friendly ideas to spark your imagination Intangibles can deliver green good all year long (and reduce clutter) 1. Donate time or money to a charity in honor of the gift recipient (a gift to Environmental Defense is a good choice). 2. Buy carbon offsets in the recipient’s name. Along with cutting your own carbon […]

December 19th

Get a Kit, Cut Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

When it comes to cutting carbon emissions, a lot of things — global trade agreements, international climate treaties — are out of our individual control. One area where each of us can make a difference, though, is in our own homes. Houses and other buildings are responsible for nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, […]

December 17th

Locavores Invade Chicago

Wow, that sounds ominous! Rather, in Chicago, and around the Midwest, the local food trend in catching on, just as it has on the coasts. September will see numerous “eat local” challenges being hosted by a variety of organizations around the country, and the Windy City’s Green City Market will join in by sponsoring an […]

Sustainable Building Course for Working Adults

As regular readers know, I’m a big fan of college and university programs that expose students to sustainability either through the classroom or through working projects and installations on campus (or a combination of both). Most of the programs I’ve featured, though, tend to focus on the “traditional” undergrad student — the 18-21 year old […]

Green Building Moving Ahead in Pittsburgh

If you were asked “What’s the second greenest city in the US in terms of “square-footage of commercial or industrial buildings with Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design ratings,” would you have guessed Pittsburgh? Me neither, but this article from Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette makes that claim, and gives much of the credit to Rebecca Flora, executive […]

Cleveland Goes Green

One news item making the rounds in the Sustainable Blogosphere is Cleveland, OH’s hiring of Andrew Watterson as its new sustainability programs manager. As the Plain Dealer points out, Cleveland joins other cities such as Seattle, Chicago and Portland, OR, in putting its money where its mouth is in terms of environmental protection. What will […]