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Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba Form LLC for Electronics Recycling

Three large electronics manufacturers are taking a proactive step in an industry screaming for action. Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba have established an electronic product recycling management company, Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, LLC (MRM), to spearhead electronics recycling and collection in the United States. This dream team was formed to provide a recycling service to […]

January 8th

Groundbreaking Bottled Water Tax Raises Dustup in Chicago

In 2007, the image of bottled water in the public consciousness underwent a huge shift.  What had been largely seen as a healthy lifestyle choice had, in just a matter of months, become recognized by many consumers as an eco-sin. (Click here for a Green Options post detailing the ways bottled water is costly, wasteful, […]

January 8th

On Rest and Travel with Sara Snow

The holiday season is hectic and stressful for many, but the aspect that often gets consumed by other activities is the fact that we get a few days off of work. In light of vacation and travel I decided to interview a close source of wisdom- my sister, TV show host, and Natural Living Expert, […]

December 28th

Wind Energy Opposition: It’s Greek to Me…

Just a few days into my six-day stay on the Greek island of Paros this summer, I was amazed that I hadn’t yet seen a single wind turbine or solar array. The wind blew constantly, and I literally didn’t see a cloud in the sky the whole time I was there. I was mystified that […]

November 25th

Locavores Invade Chicago

Wow, that sounds ominous! Rather, in Chicago, and around the Midwest, the local food trend in catching on, just as it has on the coasts. September will see numerous “eat local” challenges being hosted by a variety of organizations around the country, and the Windy City’s Green City Market will join in by sponsoring an […]

Paying People to Recycle… Sort of..

Several years ago, I had an idea (which I may have brought up here… can’t find it if I did): why not harness market forces (or, at least, the desire to save money) to encourage people to throw away less. My idea: charge by the pound for garbage collection, but credit households and businesses for […]

December 20th

Could Neighborhood Gardens Lead to More Sustainable Food?

Central Pennsylavania’s Centre Daily Times has become a hotbed for discussion of food and sustainability recently. Today, Penn State human ecologist Christopher Uhl offers an idea that promotes both sustainable food and stronger community ties: a network of neighborhood “farms.” Uhl’s doesn’t spring merely from his deep thoughts, but from his recent arrangement with a […]