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ReadyMade Magazine Goes Digital In Green Issue

In my quest to live a greener life, my Achilles’ heel is my obsession with print media. We subscribe to our city’s daily newspaper, we get the Sunday Times delivered, and I get approximately eight monthly or bimonthly magazines right in my mailbox. There are also three or four magazines I buy off the newsstand […]

April 2nd

SimCity Societies: Will Gamers Go Green?

I’m not, nor have I ever been, a gamer — I’m one of those people whose parents refused to buy them an Atari system (that should tell you how old I am, too). Despite that, I was intrigued when I received an invitation to an “Exclusive SimCity Societies low carbon power online blogger event.” Held […]

November 15th

Mark Your Calendars for “Blogging ‘Round the Clock”

While I had a great time in Boston, it’s good to be back home with reliable internet access. The Sustainable Blogosphere’s been busy over the last few days (I had almost 700 items in my “Sustainability” folder on my Bloglines account), and I’ll be getting to some of those issues. First, though, the big announcment […]