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UN Report: Renewable Energy Best Way to Cut Emissions

A report commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) says that renewable energy is making a difference in the fight against global warming and that we need more of it. In fact, renewable energy is the best way to cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. At least 56 nations have policies that promote renewable energy […]

December 11th

Bali Conference Kicked Off Yesterday… Does It Matter?

If you’re followed the news at all over the last two days, it’s hard to escape that the UN’s Climate Conference in Bali started yesterday… and that there’s already good news out of it. Yet, I’ve already come across a couple of op-ed pieces from around the world (and not from climate change skeptics) claiming […]

More Big Business Calls for Climate Action

Yet another round of global business executives has called for action on climate change. This time, about 150 global firms agreed that they want mandatory emissions cuts. The companies aren’t obviously green ones, either. They’re names like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Nokia, and Nestle. And they represent the U.S., Australia, China, and many European […]

December 4th

British Scientists Studying Leaf Power

Last September, I took a look at research in Australia aimed at creating synthetic chlorophyll in order to produce much more efficient solar panels. Today’s National Geographic News points to other experiments that involve attempts to mimic how plants convert sunlight into energy, with a focus on the process of “water splitting.” According to the […]

Cavemen and Climate Change

Just finished reading a fascinating post at The Oil Drum that Prof. Goose emailed out on Friday. Titled “Climate Change, Sabre Tooth Tigers and Devaluing the Future,” writer Nate Hagens thinks about the inability to generate wide-scale action on peak oil (the focus at TOD) and climate change. Digging deeply (for a blog post, anyway) […]

February 25th

Pennsylvania Organic Debate

So I’ve been on a bit of an organic agriculture binge lately, but it’s just so much fun to see this important issue receiving attention. Today, I came across a response to a column from central Pennsylvania’s Centre Daily Times dealing with organics and their economic and environmental impacts. In the first column, Penn State […]