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Eco-Palm Sunday: A Green Lent Update

Some churches will be a little more green this Sunday, and not just because it falls on the eve of St. Patty’s Day. Thanks to Dean A. Current, who has spent years developing methods for sustainable palm harvesting, churches now have a green option for buying palms. Current is a research associate for University of […]

Fire Starters: ELF Torches “Green” Homes

The term “eco-terrorism” is getting thrown around again today after four multi-million dollar “green” homes in a Seattle suburb were torched by arsonists claiming affiliation with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Others have argued eloquently that “eco-terrorism” isn’t much more than a political language game: “terrorism” doesn’t describe the aims or methods of the “perpetrators,” […]

There’s Wind In Texas, Sometimes.

Texas is numero uno when it comes to wind power generation. The Lone Star state has installed wind power close to 5,000 megawatts which translates to enough electricity to power a million homes. The huge turbines, scattered across wide open spaces, conjure up more progressive feelings compared to those generated at the sight of oil […]

March 2nd

Saving More Than Souls: Religious Groups Seek “Renewal” for the Environment

Buddhist monks are ordaining trees. Future Jewish leaders are learning about sustainable living. Evangelical Christians are fighting mountain top removal. Muslims are giving away organic meat to the poor during Ramadan. These are just a handful of the stories told by veteran filmmakers Terry Kay Rockefeller and Marty Ostrow in their upcoming documentary, Renewal. RENEWAL […]

February 21st

Measuring Sustainability on Campus: AASHE Launches Pilot of STARS

What’s the best defense against charges of “greenwashing?” Its measurement, of course: accurate, verifiable assessments provide evidence that an institution is “walking the walk” in its efforts to operate more sustainably. While the business world might have the most to gain in terms of releasing concrete data regarding sustainability initiatives, higher education’s enthusiastic embrace of […]

February 11th

Cleveland Goes Green

One news item making the rounds in the Sustainable Blogosphere is Cleveland, OH’s hiring of Andrew Watterson as its new sustainability programs manager. As the Plain Dealer points out, Cleveland joins other cities such as Seattle, Chicago and Portland, OR, in putting its money where its mouth is in terms of environmental protection. What will […]