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Paying People to Recycle… Sort of..

Several years ago, I had an idea (which I may have brought up here… can’t find it if I did): why not harness market forces (or, at least, the desire to save money) to encourage people to throw away less. My idea: charge by the pound for garbage collection, but credit households and businesses for […]

December 20th

KidWind: Bringing Wind Energy Science to the Classroom

An email I received earlier today (which I’ll get to in a minute) tipped me off to non-profit organization KidWind, …a team of teachers, students, engineers and practitioners exploring the science behind wind energy in classrooms around the US. Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the elegance of wind power […]

September 17th

Poop to Power: The Big Picture

Regular readers know I’m a big fan of the “poop to power” concept, and have featured numerous innovations from around the world where farmers and ranchers turn their “brown gold” into energy for themselves or for the electric grid. Today’s New York Times takes a look at the big picture of poop to power, and […]

Green Building Moving Ahead in Pittsburgh

If you were asked “What’s the second greenest city in the US in terms of “square-footage of commercial or industrial buildings with Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design ratings,” would you have guessed Pittsburgh? Me neither, but this article from Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette makes that claim, and gives much of the credit to Rebecca Flora, executive […]

DIY Solar Generator

Cyndy at mousemusings points out a web site with instructions on how to make a small solar power generator “for $250 to $300.” I’m interested in what some of you with some electronics know-how think — would this solar diy project work as a reliable means of producing power in small amounts, or is it […]