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Bold Prediction for Rooftop Solar in Britain: Grid Parity by 2013

Written by Stacy Feldman. Originally published May 14, 2009, at SolveClimate Solar photovoltaics (PV) in the UK will be as cheap as grid-sourced fossil fuels much sooner than expected, a new study by Solarcentury finds. For homeowners, PV will cross the “grid parity” mark in 2013. For commercial customers, it will occur around 2018. The […]

May 15th

Slight Change to Sundance Gift Bag Giveaway

Well, it turns out that getting a list of subscribers out of Feedburner is more challenging than it once was. So… if you’re still planning to enter our drawing for a Sundance gift bag (or you already have), please forward me a copy of one of the daily sustainablog emails you receive after subscribing and […]

How To Live Richly: Go Green on a Budget

There should be no secrets among those who continue to prosper in mostly non-financial ways despite the challenging economic times.  These people live (and perhaps work) following the laws of nature more than the “laws of supply and demand” of the increasingly dysfunctional “free” and global marketplace. Here’s how to thrive in the abundance of […]

April 15th

Cutting out Credit Cards: Living Within (or Beneath) our Means

There’s more to buying that high-tech gizmo or fancy new clothes, especially if you put it on plastic.   If you’re anything like the so-called average American with combined balances on your credit cards pushing upwards of $10,000 per household, then you’re paying a lot more than the purchase price after factoring in an exorbitant interest […]

April 8th

Five More Greenish Products You’ve Seen on TV

Think back to the last direct-marketed product you saw on television. You probably remember the hyped-up pitch person, the “special offer” for buying now, the price that ends .95.  You may also remember thinking “Why would anyone want that?” Yes… most of the products marketed on television border on useless crap.  They’re symbols of conspicuous […]

Goals and Rejuvenation: Realizing Our Dreams

Each of us comes to the environmental movement in different ways. We come with different causes, with different dreams and hopes, with different goals and ambitions, with different concerns. We come with different resolutions about what we are going to do to help the environment and the world. We come and we change our lives […]

March 9th

Sustainability-Focused Companies Out-Perform Competitors

According to research by consulting firm A.T. Kearny, compiled in their “Green” Winners Report, “companies committed to corporate sustainability practices are achieving above average performance in the financial markets during this slowdown.” The key is that the commitment to sustainability be authentic. In cases where it is integrated into a company to deal with human […]

March 4th

Try Some Fresh, Clean and Green Electrons

With current political emphasis on kicking fossil fuel habits and modernizing the electrical grid, many are dreaming of Thomas Friedman’s Utopian world of clean, reliable and cheap electrons. First, if you haven’t read Friedman’s latest book yet, start today. Second, if you’d like to see how some are preparing for this brave new world, read […]

February 4th

Think Local First: In Baltimore or Anywhere, USA

It’s time to join tens of millions of Americans who are rediscovering commerce in a local ECOnomy where customers are not treated like “consumers,” but rather as friends, fellow citizens, or neighbors. While visiting a good friend in Baltimore, Maryland, my family and I wandered the narrow streets of Fell’s Point, the eclectic and artistic […]

November 12th