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White-Throated Sparrows and the Return of Old Sam Peabody

Just because I am an admitted “nature lover,” that does not mean I have an equal affection for everything in and about nature. Who does? I mean, does anyone really love mosquitoes? Cockroaches? Hurricanes? Natural pests and disasters aside, there is one thing about nature in particular that is always hard to love or even […]

October 26th

10 Easy, Free, Online Steps You Can Take To End Poverty

“Nobody is asking us to love others more than we love ourselves,” said the “poet president” of Tanzania Julius Nyerere. “But those of us who have been lucky enough to receive a good education have a duty also to help to improve the well being of the community to which we belong; is part of […]

October 1st

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head

Autumn brings with it many things to look forward to. An end to the dog days of summer. The return of migratory birds like the white-throated sparrow and junco, the specific species varying by location. Earlier sunsets and later sunrises. And of course the changing of the leaves. Ah, yes, the changing of the leaves. […]

September 27th

This Blogger’s Getting Back to Blogging…

Over the past few months, my own blogging output has dropped dramatically as I’ve focused on “behind the scenes” efforts for the larger GO Media network. While that was a necessary step, and one that’s contributed to the network’s dramatic growth over the past few months, I’ve also really missed blogging.  Building a company is […]

September 24th

Honk (and Smile) If You Love Canada Geese

Sometimes nature blows you over like an angry breath from Boreas, Greek god of the north wind. Other times, though, and probably more often, nature sneaks up on you like a snake slithering through the grass to catch a witless mouse. Nature can be loud and dazzling and catch you whether you will or no, […]

September 14th