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A Chinese T. Boone Pickens?

Hong Kong tycoon Stanley Ho is most famous in business for his vast and infamous casino empire and unofficial title as one of Asia’s richest people (his estimated US$8 billion net worth earned him the 113th rank in Forbes’ 2007 list of “the World’s Billionaires”). Might news of his recent clean energy joint venture with […]

March 2nd

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says Turn off Engines

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, mothers are fond of saying, but idling engines are being targeted as a worse offender. Mom meant that if you’re not busy doing something constructive, bad things were bound to follow. That’s also the rationale behind NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest law aimed at making the city more eco […]

February 13th

State Seeks to Capture Carbon and Store Underground

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced yesterday it is working to explore and promote Carbon Sequestration. The process seeks to capture and store carbon dioxide produced from the burning of fossil fuels. The department is accepting bids for contracts to investigate sites in Pennsylvania as suitable holding cells for the captured CO2. The work […]

February 11th