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How Well Do You Know Your Green Porno?

If you’re a fan of the Sundance Channel’s series Green Porno with Isabella Rossellini, you’re probably already aware that the acclaimed show launched its third season on Monday (with a focus on marine animals). But how well do you really know the mating habits of various animal species? In order to celebrate the new season, […]

September 18th

You Named that Schlong; We Picked a Winner

Apparently, the pine wood snake has a very distinctive schlong: no one who entered our “Name that Schlong” contest confused it with the penis of, say, a blesbok or a dragonfly, or any of the other “members” of the Grand Gallery of Penises. Well done, schlong-namers! Now, on to the important stuff… We have a […]

When You Look at an Animal, What Do You See?

For most of our existence, we humans have seen ourselves as superior to animals, as “above” the “lower” creatures. Rene Descartes, for example, in the 17th century argued that animals were mere “machines” incapable even of true feeling, let alone “higher” thinking. Cultures throughout antiquity sacrificed animals by the thousands to their gods, so that […]

Honey Bees on Cocaine Change Ideas about the Insect Brain

By doping honey bees with cocaine, researchers at the University of Illinois have discovered evidence that the insect brain has a reward system. The famous “waggle” dance of honey bees is a complex language that allows foraging bees to communicate the distance, direction and quality of a food source to the rest of the hive. […]

January 1st

Five Green Holiday Gifts that Keep on Giving

This post was originally published at on Monday, December 15, 2008. The winter holidays are almost upon us, and whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or the holiday(s) of another tradition, you may still be stumped for gifts to give this year… especially gifts that fit your own (and the recipients’) values. For the […]

December 16th

State to Ban Residential Driveway Car Washing

To prevent toxic runoff from flowing down storm drains and into the rivers or ocean, Washington hopes to ban washing cars in driveways throughout the state. While residents complain that washing cars is a family pastime that they should not be required to give up, officials say that the at-home car wash is too harmful […]

September 29th

Confessions of a Vegetarian Mosquito Killer

Five Funny Reasons to Love Mosquitoes I’m a mosquito hunter. If you’ve seen the Monty Python sketch, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, just scroll down. For me, there’s nothing more maddening than the high-pitch whine of a mosquito in my ear just as I’m drifting off to sleep. On any […]

September 22nd

Trees Emit Chemical to Communicate Danger

During unusually high temperatures and droughts, researchers have found that walnut trees emit large amounts of aspirin into the air, possibly as a warning to other trees to prepare for the changes. [social_buttons]Scientists with National Center for Atmospheric Research hope that the findings will open new doors to study how plants impact air quality, but […]

September 20th

When Animals Adopt: Lessons of Love and Adoptive Stewardship

“Love has no bounds” is an old cliché. Everyone loves “love”–from Valentine’s Day paraphernalia to sappy greeting cards. And environmentalists say they love nature, love the Earth, love a place or animal. Obviously, nature is often “red in tooth and claw,” as Tennyson puts it.1 However, nature also has its soft-and-fuzzy side, which provides a […]

June 11th

The Devil Wears…Gray Fur!

Or at least all of his minions do. For every person that has or has had a bird feeder, I need not say more. Clearly, I am no fan of squirrels–I do not wear T-shirts with cute little squirrel faces, I do not have little stuffed squirrel dolls, I do not have baseball caps with […]