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Green Pest Control: Fall Tips for Your Home and Garden

As temperatures start to cool and the weather gets wetter, the chances of finding unwanted pests in and around your home will increase. Homes provide the ideal environment for pests seeking shelter, food, water and hiding spots in preparation for the cold winter months. By using the green pest control tips below, you can ward off some of the most unwanted pests this Fall.

October 12th

Living With The Seasons: What Are You Doing Right Now?

What are you doing during this time of year? Are you in your office, sitting in front of a computer? Are you outside in a garden, harvesting lettuce and greens? When it gets brighter earlier, do you wake up earlier, too? Is the winter snow merely a deterrent to getting to work? Does your day-to-day […]

June 21st

Autumn Is the Time for Persimmon Pickin’!

When autumn, lovely autumn, swings round these here parts once again, so many things start to fall: leaves, acorns, pine cones, temperatures, humidity levels… Although spring and summer get the most credit as seasons for bountiful harvests, autumn has its bounty, too. Amongst nature’s many freely offered wild edibles, we finicky humans have overlooked a […]

October 8th

Acorns Keep Falling on My Head

Autumn brings with it many things to look forward to. An end to the dog days of summer. The return of migratory birds like the white-throated sparrow and junco, the specific species varying by location. Earlier sunsets and later sunrises. And of course the changing of the leaves. Ah, yes, the changing of the leaves. […]

September 27th