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Can’t Afford a Wooden Bike? Then Accessorize…

The concept of a wooden bicycle has captured the imagination of designers; manufacturers, however, aren’t sold yet. So, we’ve generally seen either concepts at this point, or handmade wooden bikes that are well beyond the budgets of most of us. If you want to ride something made of wood, a skateboard is still your best […]

Moving Truck Rental Not Required – Bikes to the Rescue

Moving by Bike is Contagious Inspired by this video of a Portland, OR bike move, Nicholas Whitaker decided to help his girlfriend, Jes Schultz move her apartment by bike. Taking only two trips and about three hours, they successfully relocated her 1 bedroom apartment including futon, dresser and numerous odds and ends. This was all done […]

October 19th

Cellist Ben Sollee Tours US by Bike

Ditching the Van After successfully touring by bike from his hometown in Kentucky to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee in 2009, Ben Sollee was inspired to launch the Ditch the Van Tour in 2010. He and his band mates have embarked on a transcontinental tour, opting to use bicycles and an occasional train instead […]

September 27th

Five for Friday: Great Green Blog Posts for the Week (8/27/10)

While I’m not at all surprised to see that environmental politics, climate change, and the BP oil spill still dominate the rankings on Regator’s Environmentalism page this week, I am a bit perplexed by one of the issues that doesn’t appear at all: the massive recall of eggs potentially contaminated with salmonella. Of course, Regator’s […]

Parking Lots to Parks: Designing Livable Cities

By Lester R. Brown As I was being driven through Tel Aviv from my hotel to a conference center in 1998, I could not help but note the overwhelming presence of cars and parking lots. It was obvious that Tel Aviv, expanding from a small settlement a half-century ago to a city of some 3 […]

A Bike with a Reputation (PPB #30)

That’s how Karen Hanrahan, of Best of Mother Earth, describes her son’s bike… she also labels it a “mutt.” What’s up with the bike? He picked up this rusted to heck green ten speed Schwinn, for $60 at Working Bikes Co-op. Someone had converted it to an 8 speed. Already that’s a tad odd. He […]

A Greener Cash for Clunkers: Trade Your Car for a Bike

If you’ve kept an eye on the federal government’s “Cash for Clunkers” program (which will end on Monday), you know that it’s been a huge success on a number of fronts: hundreds of thousands of people have traded in older, less fuel-efficient vehicles for new models with better gas mileage, and some auto manufacturers are […]