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Novotera's Hybrid Biochar Cooking Stove: Clean Cooking and Economic Opportunity

Clean cooking stoves address multiple problems created by traditional indoor cooking in the developing world: they reduce the amount of smoke and soot that leads to respiratory disease, they cut deforestation rates, and they lighten the carbon impact of food preparation. Canadian social enterprise Novotera has added a further benefit to this technology: its PlanetStove also creates economic opportunities for users because it creates charcoal from the wood users “burn” in their stoves.

September 3rd

SolveClimate: Biochar and George Monbiot’s Misguided Rant

Editor’s note: This post was written by Max Ajl, and originally published on Wednesday, March 25, at SolveClimate. A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the possibilities of biochar – burning organic waste, such as wood chips, left-over crop residue or even manure at extremely low oxygen levels and high temperatures in order to produce […]

March 27th