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The Cleveland… Bears?

This month, a young black bear was found in a tree outside an apartment building in Cleveland. While it makes for interesting headlines on the small scale, the competing interests of humans and animals on the global scale could spell doom for wild creatures.

September 19th

Biodiversity: a Metaguide

Of all the environmental challenges currently facing us, biodiversity loss probably gets the least amount of broad attention… likely because its also one of the toughest to wrap our heads around (yep, even more than climate change). As biodiversity is key to maintaining healthy ecosystems, and life on Earth period, it’s also one of the […]

The Ethics of Selling Crop Seed: Part 1

[social_buttons] There is a lot of confusion and disinformation circulating today about seeds and the ethics of their commercial sale.  Actually a healthy, commercial seed industry is critical for agricultural sustainability.  Because seeds are such a fundamental component of the sustainability of our food supply, this area deserves careful thought and accurate information even if you are […]

November 17th

Interstate 3, or “How I learned to love the road” – Part 1

I used to work on the Chattooga River, which is the northwest border of South Carolina and Georgia. Designated “Wild and Scenic” by Congress in 1974, it is one of the last undeveloped free-flowing rivers on the east coast. Located in three National Parks, it is carefully protected and jealously regulated by the National Forest […]

February 5th